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“Not finance.


Not strategy.


Not technology.


It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare."


     - Patrick Lencioni,


best selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We can help.
is predicated on your most valued assets, your human capital.


How would you answer these questions?


Are our leadership teams delivering results?


Is accountability part of our culture?


Do our people behaviourlly commit to reaching our goals daily?


Is the prevelent conflict in our meetings healthy, unhealthy or nonexistent?


What kind of trust exists at all levels of our orgainzation?


How do we know that we are providing the right tools for our employees to get-the-job-done?

How cohesive is your team?

More than 4,000 participants were asked the following questions:

When coworkers admit their mistakes, does it make you trust them more?  

84% said yes


Do you think your workplace would be more effective if people were more frank with their opinions?  

71% said yes


Do you sometimes feel that team projects suffer because people aren’t committed enough? 

86% said yes


Would your work team be more effective if people were better at holding one another accountable?

89 % said yes


In your work experience, have you seen projects suffer because people put their own needs ahead of the team’s needs?   

87% said yes




Invite Blended Learning Technologies, LLC to do cursory or in-depth confidential analysis of the current dynamics with your key leaders and team members.

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